The Program

Creation of a spreadsheet with the data and square footages needed to relocate or reorganize the physical plant and includes offices, open space, manufacturing and warehousing.



A simple and low-cost review of various buildings or building sites to ‘test’ the ‘fit’ of the space program or requirements of the local jurisdiction.


Schematic Plan

Once a suitable building passes the Test-Fit Process, a schematic floor plan is created, finalized, approved and drawn into the computer CAD system.


Design Development and Pricing Plan

Interior design elements and electrical/mechanical systems are discussed for both cost and esthetics. Once there is a preliminary decision, the specifications are added to the Schematic Space Plan and sent for a construction cost estimate in order to set the construction budget.


Construction Documents

Following the budget decisions, the final construction drawings are created, adding interior detail, electrical/mechanical engineering and submitted to City Building and contractors for bidding and final construction cost.


Construction Administration

RCA is with you all the way! We will assist with the City processing to obtain your permit and help with the decision on the best contractor for your project. We can support the construction process with weekly on-site meetings, review of contractor requests for payment, and final construction close-out and punch list.

every step of the way

  • A complete team is chosen for the specific qualifications and skills required of each project, including RCA staff and engineers

  • Extensive knowledge of construction costs and effective solutions for a quality design to fit your budget.

  • Advanced computer systems that allow you to visualize your project in renderings and fly throughs.

  • Over 40 years of experience in architectural design and space planning in California and licensed in 12 states.

  • Cutting-edge design and engineering for esthetics, energy-efficiency, sustainability and quality. Members of US Green Building Council.